“Emotions bring our projects to life”. beon. Worldwide

When conventions break new ground, they end up being unique

Internal conventions are nowadays essential part of corporate events. Employees know they will attend a series of presentations and talks more or less dynamic, and they will probably enjoy some kind of relaxed, fun moment. All events try to incorporate in their programs memorable experiences so attendees may bring home a positive memory of that date.

A few days ago our hotel and convention center hosted a totally ground-breaking convention, with an innovative program that run parallel to the one everybody expected, where nothing was what it seemed…

We celebrated the annual convention of beon. Worldwide, leading group in communication and events, partner of Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento in several occasions. And, as it could not be otherwise, they led the show and our jaws dropped.

More than three hundred employees gathered in our convention center at de Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, where beon. Worldwide organized their own internal convention designing, producing, coordinating, and executing each of the details and highlights of the event.

With an official program similar to the one accomplished in previous meetings, except that team building or entertainment activities where not mentioned anywhere, the convention seems to be quite promising.

The convention, under the claim #BeUnique, started with the speeches of some of the company executives, who then ushered the session to a spectacular contest in a pure TV show style. All the teams were seated in a different table and participated in the games through a tablet that had scored the points and displayed both classifications and winners. The whole activity was perfect for breaking the ice and heat everybody’s engine. While the official program was still to be seen, the board of directors took the stage to highlight the role of the employees, a big boost of motivation and emotions for all. The moment of presenting the future challenges and news surprised everyone, but when it seemed that the first session was over, a big show started.  Entertainment and Technology,  two of the group’s divisions together with the CEO, Dario Regattieri, treated the audience with an impressive audiovisual show, special effects display, and fabulous staging. A great appeal that closed the session, but not the surprises…

In the evening session, fun was about to start in the evening session with a costume contest. Without a doubt this was a unique convention, and an experience that beon. teams, organizers, and our hotel will not easily forget. Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento wanted to contribute to such a special occasion with a fully personalized catering service, and a gastronomic display featuring exclusive creations with the group’s corporate image.

To put an end to such a fabulous day, we made room for a new olive tree in our Garden of Events, to keep with us the beon. Worldwide spirit forever: “Emotion is what brings our projects to life”.

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