“Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento is super versatile to organize any type of event or convention” Irene Gutiérrez, Head of the project Pacific Travels

The annual and most relevant congress on Diabetes, under the claim ‘’La diabetes nos conecta: intercambiando experiencias”, gathered this April at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento 1,400 professionals and experts of this field. The 30th Congress edition of The Spanish Society of Diabetes (SED) covered many subjects regarding the latest research and advances, as well as the opportunities posed by the use of Big Data and new technologies.

We interview Irene Gutiérrez, Head of the project Pacific Travels, who shares her experience in our hotel during the organization of the congress.

  1. Speaking of medical congresses, how would you evaluate this typology within this industry?
  • Within the field of congresses, those of a medical nature have considerable weight in the sector. First, because professional training is also achieved through this format, and secondly, because the pharmaceutical has broad access to doctors, and use this type of events to display every year new advances and drugs.


  1. Going into detail, with respect to the management of your event, could you highlight any particular features of our venue? What would be the main assets Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento has to offer for great conventions?
  • Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento is super versatile to organize any type of event or convention. Both the numberless spaces and possibilities of adaptation and customization, the whole complex adapts perfectly to any specific requirement. To this, we would like to add the flexibility received on the part of the staff at all times to facilitate the success of this type of event.


  1. Have our services been adapted to all of your needs? What do you think about the new reforms accomplished at the hotel?
  • They have adapted perfectly to what we needed, getting to execute some renovations to adapt specific spaces. As a future improvement, I would study the option of giving access to the pool and gym area without accessing the descending ramp to Atrio III, allowing greater independence and facilitating access control in this area (and therefore complying with existing regulations by Farmaindustria y Fenin).


  1. At an internal level, how it is to work with our teams? Could you define the treatment during this event management process?
  • Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of this hotel is its staff, who makes everything easy both during the planning and once and on-site. In addition, their warm, human touch, that makes you feel almost at home.


  1. Just to close this interview, Irene, could you define the experience of organizing this type of event at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento?
  • The experience has been really fulfilling. The success of this congress is due in great part to the work of the hotel staff and personnel, who endeavored in the event as if it was their own. I will choose you again without any doubt.

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