‘We have worked on many occasions with the hotel so we knew it would be a success.’ Ana García beon. Worldwide.

A few days ago, beon. Worldwide, leader group in the field of events and communication and partner of the hotel, celebrated their internal convention at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento. More than three hundred company members gathered here to enjoy their beon. Day in our excellent, comfortable facilities.

The corporate group organized its internal event designing, producing, organizing, coordinating, and executing each of the milestones and details that formed part of it, celebrating a stunning, disruptive meeting that left us all speechless. Ana García, was one of the account managers who led the event and today she shares some aspects about this unique occasion.

How it is to organize your own internal convention? (And what objectives would you highlight) Organizing your own convention is a real challenge since all the attendees are event organizers themselves and of course they will be observing every detail, it is part of our DNA. It is also the responsibility that everything goes on perfectly so that your workmates enjoy such an important day for the company. And the most important thing is that the client is your boss and everything must be perfect.


What details or aspects cannot be missing from a convention like this? The most important is the element of surprise. We are used to our customers asking us always to innovate in their events and try to always be ahead of the curve. We are used to see all kinds of things in events, so you have to think a lot to surprise your coworkers. This is why we try to keep everything related to this day in absolute secrecy.


Tell us something about the mandatory characteristics of a venue to host an event like your beon. Day. Everything depends on the activity you want to carry out and the idea you have in mind. In this case, for example, we wanted to make a convention out of the ordinary, nothing to do with past editions. Normally, everything is arranged around a stage design with the seating area in theater format. This time we did an activity that led us to pose the room with the tables arranged in a cabaret format, with a spectacular result. For our convention it was crucial that the venue has different spaces so that everything did not happen in the same place. Besides, good access for the transfer buses, the possibility of having the space in exclusivity, freedom to customize the areas, and the option to host a full day, including overnight stays, with lunch, coffee and dinner.


What made you choose Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento as venue for the beon. Day? There are many aspects supporting this decision. We have worked in numberless occasions with the hotel and we knew that it would be our safest bet. We had the opportunity to have the hotel exclusively, and the communication was so fluent from the beginning that we felt very comfortable. Plus, the spaces suited perfectly the the idea we had in mind, so we did not doubt that it would be the best option.


You know both our convention center and hotel facilities to perfection. What is your favorite space to host events? The convention center is very comfortable and versatile due to its several spaces where you can offer all the services that any convention needs. It has an independent entrance and a wide foyer with natural light perfect to offer coffee breaks or lunches. Its many rooms of different sizes are very convenient in case you need to divide the group into different breaks. But the spaces that I love the most are the Atrios, with towering ceilings, endless customization options. Avery original, unconventional space for meetings and events. Any event in this space will be an absolute success.


How would you define the coordination and communication with the teams at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento? Both were excellent. From the first moment Ana Carrasco get deeply involved in our event. She was very excited about the event and she always had a solution for everything we needed. Being an internal convention there were times when I had to disengage, but I was quite relaxed as secure about having everything under control, even the moments to notify the kitchen in case we were late.


Could you share any anecdote or unforeseen aspect arisen during the convention? No unforeseen events, but perhaps the amused faces of the hotel staff when they saw 300 people appear wandering around the hotel with their best costumes inspired by films and musicals.

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