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We are living in a world in which speed is rife in daily life. Consumers demand immediate response not only from their social media, but also from brands. Nowadays, clients require quick, efficient responses 24 a day, every week, all year round. Visiting a website or using an app to solve any issue will be eventually replaced by a much simpler action: asking a chatbot to do it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to stay. One example of this are chatbots, or digital programs capable of simulate a normal communication exchange with the user via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, which are available all day, all year.

Nowadays, bots have already attracted the attention of most industries. This technology, efficaciously used by companies, may speed long and complex processes while avoiding frustration in users who may take actions against our brand or stop using our services.

But, how can chatbots help in event management?

Since chatbots landed at the digital sphere, companies and brands have had the opportunity of benefiting from their extreme utility not only during the event management and celebration stages but also as a promoting tool. Thus, we can broadly differentiate between two types of bots according to their development stages:

Pre-event stage

Brands may benefit from a bot transforming it in a promoting tool, and therefore engaging attendees to the event, using the virtual entities found in social media such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

In general terms, information provided by the chatbot will be:

General information about the event

Bots may provide users with all the information prior to the event: date, main theme, guests list, tickets price, duration, and other details. The best way to transmit this information could be by means of buttons or leaving users a field to submit their enquiries.

Tickets online purchase and download

Offering the ticket sale will dynamize the acquisition process, which eventually may turn into a sale increase.  However, leaving the economic benefits aside, it is clear that we will offer a much interesting experience. Once the purchase is successfully accomplished, it is important to offer the possibility of downloading the tickets without having to visit another app for this purpose.

During the event

This period will initiate the ‘second stage’ of the bot activity, with a modification on the functions to adapt this artificial intelligence to the new situation and function.                      Some of the major goals at this stage will be the following:

Tickets download

During the event stage, the tickets download option must be available for those people that already purchased them but did not downloaded them yet or even those who may need a new copy.

Event guide

Once the event has started, it is crucial that the artificial conversational entity is able to solve in a fast and efficient manner any doubt that may arise among attendees. In fact, it this will be a more engaging, active kind of FAQ’s that responds to questions such as: Is there a free Wi-Fi in the venue? What is the password? Where are the nearest toilets? What time does X talk start? Where is the cafeteria?, etc.

All chatbot functions are useful both for corporate and cultural activities. We are living a new era in which Artificial Intelligence will lead a new industry in the market, where bots will be in charge of accomplishing the most mechanic routines while humans will be holding new positions in the fields of computer sciences, engineering, or linguistics.

Event management agencies having Artificial Intelligence as an ally in their business strategy will maintain their success in an increasingly competitive, globalized industry.

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