The importance of etiquette in corporate events

[:es]La importancia del protocolo en los eventos corporativos - Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento[:en]The importance of etiquette in corporate events - Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento[:]

Every day more companies organize corporate events to achieve a wide range of goals: product launchings, conventions, meetings, employees’ training, incentives, etc. This is why it is necessary to know the specific characteristics of each event, as well as mastering the tools required for their correct management.  One key aspect for a successful execution is etiquette, as this code create the necessary conditions for the event to be secure, organized, guests are properly managed and organizers achieve their objectives. This event typology establishes different methodologies according to the type of activity set, though corporate event as a whole share a common set of values and norms.

Corporate events are deeply linked to corporate strategy and etiquette through different functions: attending to meetings, emailing, telephone calls, etc. It is absolutely essential a perfect planning and management on the part of the organizers, as any flaw in the basic etiquette aspects will affect the company negatively. Corporate etiquette assures the correct development of each act or formal visit according to the established norms and programs, plus the adequate fulfillment of requirements such as reception of guests, forms of address, order of discourses/speeches, etc. All this will contribute to the right event mood, helping to foster institutional interactions.

Within the field of etiquette responsibility, organizers must pay special attention to management board participating in other events with different organizational panel. Finally they should provide etiquette advising or consulting services and elaborate procedure manuals reflecting the general preferences of these companies.

Once the event is over, it is crucial for all the members of the etiquette team to debrief and share their event experience in order to identify those areas that may be improved for future events.



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