What will be the major event trends leading the MICE sector this year?

[:es]Principales tendencias que marcarán los eventos del sector MICE en 2019[:en]What will be the major event trends leading the MICE sector this year?[:]

Event industry will continue to grow in Spain. During 2018, corporate events, trade fairs, and congresses increased, and the trend shows that in 2019 they will multiply in fields such as cybersecurity, e-commerce, big data, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. According to CWT Meetings & Events, global demand will increase by 5% – 10% y and the main focus will be on memorable experiences.

Companies are aware that events are a powerful communication tool and therefore a great opportunity to do business thanks to the acquisition of potential customers.

Why is it essential to generate unique experiences that remains in the audience’s mind? Because now the focus is on the millennial generation. This is a very demanding audience who seek for exclusivity in different formulas. Therefore, the objective will be to offer a memorable experience, differentiated, and exclusive in each event.

The role of new technologies keeps gaining momentum in event world. Event planners incorporate virtual reality, robotics, drones, and facial recognition tech to event design and management. Mobile applications continue to gain ground in meetings, as they offer advantages such as sharing agendas, sending messages and reminders to attendees, or obtaining valuable data to evaluate event needs prepare post-event reports.

Creativity and customization in event management. Creativity, innovation, and quality of contents, together with the personalization, are crucial to provide attendees with unique experiences. Venue customization is essential in all its forms, from imposing stage designs that add identity to the event to the use of technology as a dynamization tool during presentations and meetings (augmented reality and video mapping among the most solid).

Sustainability as a key aspect of integral event management. Event professionals have realize that it is not necessarily more expensive to organize events in a sustainable way. The fact of controlling and reducing the resources consumption makes us more efficient in our production processes, which obviously leads to time and cost saving. Besides, from the corporate point of view, sustainability brings added value, and makes brands much more competitive. There are many techniques to hold a really sustainable event: choosing a catering service that serve local, organic farming, or fair trade products, reusable tableware and packaging, natural light and / or LED lighting, adequate climate control, transformable decor elements, etc.

A year in which technology will still hold a key role, and will be applied to the generation of new, unique experiences empowered by creativity and sensitization.

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