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Finding the right place to host your event is something more that meeting both capacity and budget requirements. If we want to transform the hosting venue into marked added value, we must plan in detail its management, spatial location, decor materials, and pieces of furniture, plus areas to be modified always bearing in mind protected areas and the like.

Event customization is a complex production work that requires careful planning accompanied by a meticulous design and structure study, a thorough planning, and subsequent set-up.

When personalizing a specific venue space we must take into account a few, often overlooked aspects which are essential to shape our event: light, sound, audiovisual production, branding, decorative elements, furniture, or stage design.

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento treasures a 20-year professional experience in the industry that has positioned the hotel in the leadership of event and convention management in south Europe. With the largest Convention Center in Seville, more than 5,000 square meters of meeting area, modern facilities with a capacity for 1,200 people, an 800-square meter exhibition area, and 10,000 square meter of private gardens.

And when it comes to tailor-designed events…

What are the latest customization trends in events?

We are very creative with lights and corporate colors, or classic elements such as banners, which are timeless. A trend that is gaining ground is the incorporation of bespoke gastronomy in the event: desserts with corporate logos or menu course, sweet details at the guests’ rooms, unique specialties created ad-hoc… It is easier thanks to the chef and master baker teams working at the hotel.

What personalization possibilities do Atrio spaces offer?

From LED lighting, gobo projections to display corporate logos in the dome, banners, set-ups, backdrops, printed or digitally-cut vinyls… numberless options.

Tell us about other customization details at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento?

Recently we have introduced the concept BeCheckin, a new system by which the clients receives days before their arrival their room key in their mobile phone. We also offer the FastCheckin option to get their key just by filling their data before their arrival. Both exclusive benefits that are available and personalized for many events.

Can you recall any event set-up with a particularly bold customization?

Motor events are usually the most daring for the hotel, due to the extra work that allows to showcase the vehicles in our facilities.

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