The importance of ‘face-to-face’ formats in healthcare industry events

[:es] La importancia del 'cara a cara' en los eventos de la industria sanitaria [:en] 'Face-to-face' formats in events for the healthcare industry [:]

For the healthcare industry, events, trade fairs, and congresses are powerful interaction tools that facilitate interaction and foster information exchange on the latest industry trends.

 La importancia del 'cara a cara' en los eventos de la industria sanitaria 6  'Face-to-face' formats in events for the healthcare industry 6 Hospitalspec is a Forum of Medical Supply and Hospital Architecture in Spain, held on March 13-15. The Forum is an annual face-to-face meeting connecting suppliers and prescribers of the healthcare industry.

On this occasion and for three days, Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento welcomed in their venue and facilities sales executives and prescribers of hospital groups, mutual insurance companies, geriatrics, architecture and engineering studies, facility services collectives and operators, besides manufacturers and suppliers of healthcare equipment, services, and solutions.

On the occasion of this 4th edition of Hospitalspec, we interview Juan Prados, Madison Business Forums Director, who shares his vision on this type of conventions.


What will be the best format for outstanding forums such as this one?

The major difference between other types of forums and these ones are the face-to-face formats. We connect the two main agents: buyers-prescribers and manufacturers-suppliers. Both professional groups make decisions, and try to bring the best solution together analyzing the needs of this sector. In this forum, suppliers are not presenting their equipment or services, but rather become part of a professional exchange of ideas which results crucial to achieve the next advances in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is one of the most active within event world. Why these kind of events, such as Hospitalspec, are so necessary?

This formats have proved to be the most effective, but up till now, they are more established outside of Spain. This is why is crucial to held them here. These forum formats are the exact opposite of those represented by trade fairs, which foster exhibitions mainly, instead of boosting a much more direct contact and exchange among professionals. And this connection is crucial for both the system and the companies.

Which type of activities are suitable to be included in a healthcare event of medical supplies and hospital architecture and design?

Our type of activity is deeply connected to human relationships. We foster an exchange of ideas by both team building and networking activities, with the aim of providing a method for professionals of easy access and subsequent follow-up. Because even professional relationships are better when you really know who is behind a brand, and these meeting formats allow people to get each other.


We guess that it is crucial to have a big area to exhibit healthcare products/services. How are the dimensions of this type of spaces in order to showcase this type of equipment?

The perfect scenario is to have a space big enough to host all the equipment that professionals needs to build their own product or service display, as the aim of most participants is to show their solutions to the rest of professionals, so they can interact with those products or services.

Which are the main characteristics you demand from a venue in order to hold this type of events?

Hotels with enough accommodation capacity, and plenty rooms to host the different parts of the event, se we have everything we need in just one location.

What would you specially highlight of Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento as a convention center?

Obviously their excellence and human quality, the warmth of its team. Of course, we assess very positively its different venues and technical equipment. But for us, the human team behind this event is what really makes the difference.

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