Gastronomy, an added value to any event

As events are a source of happiness and wellness, gastronomy is a one of the pillars in this industry and therefore must be planned and execute in detail. Any event or corporate meeting needs a catering or restaurant to treat guests and attendees.

As in every event, a catering service must be organized with extra care, but one of the most special features are the ingredients and elaborations to be served, something directly related to our guests’ satisfaction.
A catering offers, prepares, presents and serves aperitifs or dishes for all kinds of events. In addition, for some time now began to include other elements such as decor, ambiance, staff recruitment, and entertainment. Every time there are more and more customers who prefer an integrated service that involves the whole event management: menu, show, reception of guests, and other details. Some examples of this are the bespoke welcome drink (i. e. brand themed), dishes related to the corporate culture, personalized desserts, or customized menu using corporate colors.

The role of the food designer, responsible for the design of the different gastronomy options in event, is becoming more common. The main goal of gastronomy is to endow events with extra added value. In addition, it marks memorability in both a positive and a negative sense, hence the importance of catering excellence, as well as the selection and good use of high quality products. It is essential to create a unique proposal that offers a flawless service in order to generate an exclusive experience that lasts in the guests’ memory for a long time.

Catering professionals must be constantly updated in trend and fashions, always looking for the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Finally, but not less important, is crucial to meet all the specific needs and requirements, for example food allergies or fastenings.

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