Gastronomy, a rising event trend in 201

If there is something that characterizes the industry of catering, gastronomy, and event management is the constant research on new trends and techniques. This 2019, event and catering professionals will continue to endeavor to impress event attendees with innovative ad awe-inspiring food stations in show cookings and food trucks, providing added value in any event. The use of local, natural, and organic foods along with the preparations of original packagings are increasingly on trend with the aim of offering a more sustainable service.


Starting from good quality products, we can give a different touch to the elaborations through the fusion of flavors (avocado or hummus ice creams, red fruit or melon gazpacho, for example). Notwithstanding, we must bear in mind that traditional cuisine flavors are always acclaimed: like broths, stews, croquettes… but the restless minds can always add something more, providing their dishes with a touch that completely transform their dishes.

Season goods

Equally important are both natural and seasonal foods, including decorations and fruit and fresh greens tastings. Having local products is also a positive aspect in the selection of catering services in events.

One aspect to take into account are the elaborations with seeds and spices (chia, turmeric, flax, etc.) that endow the elaborations with original flavors and aromas, as well as a multitude of beneficial health properties.


Sustainable planning in events is nowadays mandatory. Thus, it is a common procedure that event managers plan more food than the strictly necessary. Allowing different packaging forms will allow attendees to take away the food excess, avoiding to waste these precious resources. Besides, these packagings may be environmentally friendly and fully customized, to add an exclusive touch.

Food trucks

Food stations in the events will continue to be a strong trend in 2019. It is a way to give a casual and original feeling to the event, while offering a personalized service for each client. The possibilities are almost endless: from fast food or themed menus to creperies, from sweet carts services to gourmet elaborations that will delight the guests. Show cookings will also continue to be a regular, offering attendees culinary shows during the event.


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