Healthy incentives for your guests

In an increasing and evident way, our society is becoming aware of the importance of the implementation and constant improvement of healthy habits in our daily life, becoming the lifestyle of a significant part of the population.

This healthy culture goes beyond food and nutrition, including other dimensions such as physical, emotional, intellectual, or social wellness. Offering a bonus in this line to your event attendees provides them with the opportunity to feel good inside and outside in a totally unexpected context.

Try these incentives to surprise them.

Healthy breakfast. Not all is about offering some fruit and natural juice, but also to explain why certain ingredients and elaborations help to face our day with energy. A color game using a specific variety of products, to classify the food according to their percentage of vitamins, proteins, or carbohydrates is a great idea. It may also include rare or seasonal products, innovative recipes. Anything that helps to make eating a pleasure, and a didactic activity.

Healthy experience around the city. Just as in natural environments you can practice many outdoor activities, there are options to get to know the destination while exercising your body and mind. Test your attendees with a set of clues that encourage them to visit the most special sites while walking the streets. Make competitions that involve some physical activity in the river, or that give as winner who else questions guesses about strategic areas of the city. In short, it contributes to achieve a more sustainable form of tourism.

Mindfulness workshop. At the end of some of the days, give your guests the opportunity to learn how, through breathing, a bit of free time, and other techniques, they can connect with their emotional part through meditation. An activity for all ages and audiences.

Bespoke gifts. Think actions that may contribute to the protection of the environment reducing pollution, fostering guests’ physical performance, or take care of their health. Thus, a book on healthy nutrition, plants seeds, a portable bin or ashtray, a meditation podcast… These are the sort of things could be greatly appreciated.

Bring out your green side and create a unique experience to transform the environment, foster wellness, and providing your event with a lasting, lively memory.

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