Influencers in events

Social media have become a powerful tool to promote corporate events at a global level. Influencer Marketing is increasingly used in marketing and events strategies, being extremely efficient in publicity.
The influencers’ profiles connects with their followers, increasing the impact and scope of its purchasing decisions. These professionals describe in their channels their experience with a product, service, or brand, to share it with their followers. This is why the trustworthiness they enjoy is crucial to the strategy success. The presence and image of influencers in events will be a trend that will continue to strengthen its position during this year. This is why more and more companies are relying on this marketing technique. Moreover, several studies reveal that 66% of consumers trust the opinions and advice that others disseminate through social networks.
This strategy has also landed in the events industry, proving the success of the strategy. Closeness, trustworthiness, and guarantee of their followers are the bases of their success. The high number of profiles, increasingly segmented, serves as a boost for this industry. Influencer Marketing in events guarantees success as long as the relationship between audience and publicity is properly conducted. It is important to understand that that the influencer must perfectly suit the contents to be dynamized.

To include influencers in our events, it is crucial to research their previous works for similar brands. It is important to establish clear goals about what to communicate. Get to know our influencers, contact them and having a personal conversation to be sure that their image and values are aligned with those of the brand.

What are the main advantages in using influencer marketing in event management?

– Generate a greater impact thanks to its digitalization on the internet

– Maximize the outreach of our message

– Attain a major visibility and promotion of the event

– Create online advertising in social media

– Increase reliability and trustworthiness by means of users’ trustability

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