Minimalist catering, miniature art

When organizing an event, most efforts tend to be focused on finding a unique venue or an amazing decorator. However, one of the most important elements in successful event, and unfortunately highly underrated, is the catering service.

No matter what type of event, staging and lighting will not be enough if the food serving or cocktail do not measure up to our client’s expectations. Food is always one of the most recalled moments, plus an important element of long-term business success with attendees. This is why event planners must pay attention to all details regarding this subject, so the event offers an excellent service.

Once we are aware of the importance of excellence in matters of catering, MICE professionals should also know how to adapt themselves to the changing times. Latest trends are focused on a gastronomy that is modern and healthy, rich in color and textures. Organic greens and fruits are widely use due to their exclusiveness and eco quality (lack of pesticides and herbicides), also bio products that are preservative free.

Preparation and decoration have a starring role in our serving. Dishes or hors d´oeuvre must be attractively presented, and pleasing to the senses. Minimalist trends dominate the industry, and dishes are designed and reduced to the max, displaying small forms under the premise of clean eating. Despite its tiny size, these morsels and drops are meant to create an outburst of flavor and textures in the guest’s mouth.

 Catering minimalista, arte en miniatura - Blog Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento  Minimalist Catering, miniature arte

The most important aspect within this trend is to highlight the quality of the product, designing neat but powerful presentations. Chefs play with different heights, sauce colors, shapes, etc. The objective is to create a big visual impact.

This trend not only makes eating experience more pleasant and easy, but also introduces a wider range of specialties to taste.

At Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento we know how to treat our guests, offering them the best gastronomy experiences. The minimalist trend is embraced in our FINGER BUFFET, which offers miniature art in menus that include appetizers, soups, rice or pasta, meat and fish together with garnishes, sauces and desserts.

We are delighted to offer more than 50 options of tiny pieces of art in our menu. Selected products and ingredients await our clients to offer them a delicious experience.

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