From events to neuroevents

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Nowadays, there are multiple and numerous discussions on consumers’ experience.
This relevance has made marketing and communication strategies to focus on the figure of the client as a fundamental part of the brand, even becoming active part of it.

The same applies to event management, as they allow brands to create positive experiences so that attendees may experience feelings that will be later recalled in a positive way. The new events in charge of this process are called neuroevents.

Events as communication strategy
Event management is a powerful strategy for brands. Companies use events as communication tools, as they exert influence over their positioning in the mind of the consumer through the direct relationship brand-attendee.

Each event is unique, designed for and focused on a series of fixed goals or objectives. Marketing professionals research and implement innovative strategies to establish better interactions with consumers in each event.
The planning of an event is crucial, and it is necessary to take into account different important aspects for each one of the phases of the same (pre-event, event, post-event). When organizing an event, everything must be accurately planned in order to attain the objectives set. Besides, there must be good communication and coordination between the different teams.

Our senses in neuroevents
Nowadays, neuromarketing and experiential marketing have fuse to create neuroevents, highlighting the role of the senses as they are able to enter the consumer’s mind producing emotions and memories.
All this generates a positive memory that creates an affective bond between experiencer and brand. With the aim of creating a direct connection with the audience, these events try to impact the five senses.

How do senses react to neuroevents?
The influence of color in this type of events is especially remarkable, though all the senses are implied in this multisensorial experience. Attendees undergo a positive experience, creating a sense of belonging and identifying themselves with the brand.



Communicate everything
In this type of events communication is something essential. We must communicate everything, not only what we see, but also what we perceive and feel.
Messages should be of the emotional type, as they will create an emotional bond between audience-consumers and brand. The peak is achieved when the brand becomes a ‘lovebrand’, as part of consumers’ life.

Several researches indicate the benefits for brands after organizing neuroevents. Brand loyalty increased around 28% due to this positive approach, and reached 58% when the five senses were appealed.

Events are constantly evolving through time. Having in mind the great variety of event typology, this industry has to transform itself continually, searching for new ways of communication. This is why is easy to foresee that events will continue to grow and improve in upcoming years.


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