”The rooms share a common creative concept” – Ana Carrasco, Sales Director

Some months ago, Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento started a journey to a new era renovating the hotel rooms to travel around the world.

Barceló Group joins the activities to commemorate the history of the first global circumnavigation with our new thematic rooms inspired by the adventure commanded by Ferdinand Magellan and culminated by Juan Sebastian Elcano 500 years ago.

Today we meet with Ana Carrasco, Sales Director at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, who talks about the execution of this new project, its projection in the long run and the added value it would mean for the different industry sectors.


  1. How does the idea of the whole rooms renovation arise?

The beginning of the top-to-bottom renovation began with a remodel of the bathrooms. At first, there was no intention of renovating the entire room, but we agreed with some decorators who presented us with a very tempting project which encouraged us to complete the whole transformation.


  1. Sumergiéndonos más en el diseño de las habitaciones, ¿podrías contarnos sobre su inspiración, diseño y decoración? ¿Qué detalles o elementos destacan?

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel was built for the Seville Expo ’92 commemorating the 500th anniversary of the first travels to the New World.

And marks a vital venue for the city of Seville, and a hotel with fully renovated rooms now.

The decorators were inspired by the force ideas that created the original concept of the project, and that revolve around the universe of the discovery of America: three differentiated nuclei that simulated the three caravels of Columbus, the curved line as a basic design element and the sculpture ‘The Discovery’ of the hall of the hotel, by José L. Sánchez, which symbolizes a terrestrial sphere with access to the New World.

The rooms share a common creative concept: the use of the curved line as a unifying element. Thus, symbolizing the globe, the sun, and the dynamism of the spheres, Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada have exclusively designed the vast majority of the furniture in the rooms: headboard, carpet, lamps, sofas, tables… On this occasion, the studio has designed bespoke fabrics with curved geometric motifs.

Within this tribute to the New World, the walls of the entrance hall and the bathroom access have a world map printed on a copper plate in which the routes of the most important discoverers of the new continent are reflected. In the bathroom, we find once again the curved element, both in the mirrors and in the dynamic geometric shapes in the tiling of the walls.

Finally, the interior decoration company has endeavor to create a cozy stay by playing with indirect and warm lights, and arranging the furniture and decorative elements in a balanced way to generate a harmonious atmosphere.


  1. As you commented on before, Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento is telling us a story, adds new added value, and gains a unique touch… What will this main theme or new concept mean for the whole hotel in the face of future events or leisure trips?

It is indeed a very beautiful story, because for three years it will commemorate Magellan’s journey around the world, and we aspire to be the official hotel of that tribute.

Our clients will be able to experience in our versatile facilities such a transcendental moment of history, for example tasting a themed menu or learn some interesting history facts.


  1. At an internal level, how are you and your colleagues experiencing this transformation?

With great enthusiasm, this is undoubtedly one of the most exciting reforms. The rooms are much loved and they are going to bring us a lot of revenue.


  1. After 16 years at the hotel, what does this new renovation means to you? What are your wishes Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento?

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento will find many successful days ahead, for sure.

We are super excited creating unique services in our unique spaces.

Our clients love to find such a proactive hotel as ours. We always transmit that enthusiasm to our clients.

There is no end to all this…


  1. Just to finish, could you describe the new Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento in three words?

Avant-garde hotel,

Committed to the city and its events,


Ana Carrasco, Sales Director

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