How to apply new technologies to events

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How to apply new technologies to events

New technologies have completely transformed our society and, consequently, our day to day lifestyle. The event industry has had no choice but to get adapted to these rapid changes. Event organizers are continuously researching and updating their skills with the aim of achieving increasingly successful experiences for guests and attendees.

Events are incorporating new technologies that add a distinctive value which in turn facilitates both communication and access to information processes. Creativity and originality are two key aspects linked to new technologies. Engage the audience, and making them feel part of unique actions or experiences, will make the difference in an event.

Event professionals always want to showcase the latest trends and groundbreaking technology. Thus, every day more and more technological advances are incorporated into the design and management of all types of events. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the incorporation of robots, drones and even facial recognition, are gaining ground in this industry.

Among the different advantages offered by this sector, we can highlight the possibility of sending instant messages, sharing digitalized information, or even recreating shapes, objects, and three-dimensional human beings, allowing hybrid or blended celebration when the host or speaker is not present.

Event innovation through the use of technology is a way to improve user experience. 360º experiences boosted by interactive panels, facial recognition, signage, augmented reality, and a large etc., will always be a success.

We must not forget that social media or customized applications are essential in this industry. Offering information in real time will translate into a greater engagement and interaction of the audience interaction during the event or digitally, and it will facilitate the subsequent assessment and measurement of the event experience and results, respectively.

This year technologies will continue to have a fundamental role that, united to creativity and the incorporation of new trends will result in the creation of new experiences for attendees.



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