New trends in the management of health congresses and scientific meetings

[:es]Tendencias en la organización de los eventos médicos[:en]New trends in the management of health scientific meetings[:]

The medicare-scientific industry cannot be in better health in the field of event management. Organizing this type of congresses, meetings, symposiums, etc., is still gaining momentum. Taking into account the numerous specializations of the health industry, it is easier to understand the countless amount of events that are organized every year. Health professionals must keep specially updated with the latest innovations in their specialization fields, and need to frequently share this new information and their scientific knowledge with their colleagues.

This congresses usually take several days and are attended by international professionals. Besides, this type of events have particularities of their own which need to be carefully planned in anticipation.

Event program. The organizing scientific committee must elaborate an attractive, quality program involving top speakers from the scientific sphere.

The venue. Great access and communication plus excellent infrastructure and facilities are a must in this type of multitudinous events. Besides, the venue must offer different location possibilities such as halls, dining rooms, meeting rooms, coffee areas, exhibition zones, cloak room, etc. Another important aspect is to possess a quality gastronomic offer.

But also, it is crucial to bear in mind that technological advances have changed everything around us, and therefore, medical congresses have also been subject of new trends such as:

New technologies and gamification. Technology facilitates logistic and management aspects such as participants registration, or debate moderation. Mobile apps, for example, not only contain an important source of information regarding event contents but may also help to foster attendees participation or generate market surveys. A good way of improving engagement and measuring results through statistics and participants’ feedback. Finally, virtual reality is still one of the elements that congress attendees value most at a UX level, as it offers experiences impossible up to now.

Content dynamization. Depending on the chosen strategy, technology is adapted to optimize event contents. In this sense, there is a tendency towards recording, and subsequent streaming transmission of scientific and medicare events.

Social Media. Online channels are also a must when communicating events, sometimes even bearing the largest content part, reaching a major audience and consequently generating an even bigger debate ‘outside’ the event itself. Elements such as the official event hashtag, announced in all congress formats, online/offline releases, and channels, or an exhaustive editorial plan for daily online publications are mandatory.

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