Online marketing totally focused on the clients’ needs

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There is an increasing growth of the number and quality of hotels and touristic offers, resulting in the positioning of this industry as one of the most competitive in the market. For this very reason, it is necessary to design and execute a specific online marketing strategy totally focused on the clients’ needs.

However, it is necessary to bear in mind that internet is an everyday tool for travel professionals and consumers. According to the Minerva Travel 2017 study accomplished by Google Spain, 70% of hotel bookings last year were made online. This is the reason why top tourist accommodation establishments have adapted their client acquisition and retention procedures to online marketing techniques. Thus, hotels can now facilitate the booking process for their clients, while providing touristic experiences that meet the most demanding requirements. As a result of this, clients feel much more special, and the possibilities of repeating a visit or stay at the hotel grow.

To achieve the right online hotel marketing, we should take into account aspects such as:

  • Establish a correct client segmentation, for example couples planning romantic escapades, family trips which are usually more demanding, business travels looking for relax or meeting venues, events and conventions, etc.
  • Design of the strategy and sales funnel. The online area must be aimed to obtain bookings from more web visitors, plus retaining actual costumers.
  • Presence in the touristic platforms or websites (Booking, TripAdvisor, Edreams, etc.) best positioned in Google.
  • Developing a quality web page. According to the information mentioned above, 70% of the people looking for touristic information online end up making online bookings. It is mandatory to have a modern, clean design and dynamic, updated content. Sites must be optimized for mobiles, 24% of costumers use their smartphone for online purchases.

 Marketing online para atraer al viajero digital -Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento 1  Online marketing totally focused on the clients’ needs 1

  • It is commonly said that if your brand does not appear in the first page of results, you do not exist. SEO positioning is crucial to increase the hotel visibility and obtain numerous conversions. Positioning strategies usually involve local positioning, link building, Google AdWords, content development, among many other possibilities.
  • Creation of specific, original, and quality contents is something highly valued by  Google for web positioning. This is why websites of tourist accommodation establishments host blogs that may attract clients in a more passive way. Quality contents also improve the hotel’s brand image and helps to link the website.
  • Social media presence foster interaction with our community while providing quality contents that distinguish our hotel from the rest of competitors. Social media are nowadays the best communication channels for experiential marketing.
  • Email marketing campaigns are a very efficient tools to launch offers and spread relevant information about the hotel. Addressee audience are clients or users who have provided their contact, so total conversions through these campaigns is really high.
  • Information analysis, Customer relationship management, and Big Data. Only by using Big Data when analyzing client’s information and other internal factors, we may obtain detailed information to successfully predict customer behavior, apart from using the tailored info provided by a CRM tool, accounting information, etc.
  • Online marketing temporary campaigns with special deals for specific dates (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day) are aimed to gain subscribers and foster booking actions.



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