How to prepare your site inspection

[:es]Cómo preparar una visita de inspección - Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento[:en]How to prepare your site inspection - Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento[:]

Before starting to plan an event, it is necessary to analyze the client’s needs and requirements in order to set up realistic goals with respect to their budget. The site inspection is a key approach to the initial ideas and making sure you and the client are on the same page.

For event organizers it is very important to make different site inspections before booking to avoid unforeseen events. When planning a meeting, conference, event or trade show clients consider which destination, accommodation, possible venue and facilities adapt better to the event they have in mind.

Site inspection program

For hotels and convention centers as Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, it is very important to know the details of the business trip and, above all, the time available in order to elaborate a good program.

In a major event, it is crucial to study the starting point, our weaknesses and strengths and those of our competitors. It will be also necessary to incorporate to the site inspection authorities that help us to offer a good image, and even count on an official, institutional support.

These contacts we will also provide the client with more professional vision of our venue and professionals. For example, being able to have the support of the management of the city’s airport would be a fundamental aspect since the air connection is one of the biggest issues in destinations. Other interesting contacts to be involved in the site inspection: Convention Bureau directors, or crucial service companies CEOs.

Suppliers and other key contacts

Transfer. On our client’s arrival is time is known, their pick-up at the airport or train station is planned. It is advisable to select one of the best team members and a good vehicle plus designing the best route to our venue, avoiding heavy traffic and make the journey as fast as possible.

Restaurant. If the client has no time to see the city, a good option is to choose the best restaurant with the best views so that they can keep the best image and impression of the destination.

Internal meetings

Prepare a staff meeting with all heads of department is crucial in this type of visits. Hotel management board must know how to engage all their teams responsible to achieve the best performance in each area:

  • Front Office: Select and block the best rooms
  • Household: Check in detail guests’ rooms
  • Kitchen: Room service and menu/tasting elaborations
  • Maître: Selects the best spaces for meeting and dining
  • Maintenance: Wi-Fi, fixing, check visit areas
  • Commercial management: Materials for the client, audiovisuals, gifts, etc.

If the convention center is hosting a major event when the visit takes place, it is important to ask for permission so our visiting client may observe an event set-up, and the different options in each facility.

The site inspection is the key moment which shows organizers the real possibilities of the space, finally visualizing all the previous work based on photos and plans. After the site inspection, clients can feel either fully convinced of the potential and adequacy of the space or, on the contrary, if it is better for them to look for other options.

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