Rajoy plants an evergreen oak in our Garden of Events, on the occasion of Partido Popular Convention

[:es] Rajoy planta una encina en el 'Jardín de los Eventos' [:en] Rajoy in our 'Garden of Events', on the occasion of PP Convention [:]

Our Convention Center at Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento has been the hosting venue of Partido Popular National Convention. The event, held on April 6th-8th, gathered 3,500 members and guests to discuss the party’s internal affairs, while setting the path towards next elections, in 2019.

During the convention opening, the Spanish Government president, Mariano Rajoy, has visited the hotel gardens accompanied by Juan Manuel Moreno, president of the party’s Andalusian division, where both political representatives have participated in the plantation of a new tree in the Garden of Events.



For this relevant occasion, the government party has chosen an evergreen oak as a symbol of future, protection, and growth. The convention, with a claim related to the country’s growth, has been immortalized with this tree: “A strong, beautiful, very Spanish specimen” declared the president in front of the accredited media.


This National Convention symbolizes another milestone for the hotel, as this is the second time our venue hosts this major event, as the first was held seven years ago, when Mariano Rajoy was still candidate for the Spanish presidency, a title which now he holds.


With this oak, under the party’s claim ‘Contigo Crece España’ as legend, our Garden of Events welcomes a new species of tree, as native and representative of our land, as the citric and olive trees. The new tree is already coexisting with a dozen more specimens planted by different companies and brands who also chose our Convention Center for their events.

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento has the aim, with each new plantation, of establishing a bond that lasts through time, by offering nature an environmentally responsible action. Our commitment with the event world already treasures a long specialization and experience in MICE activities and corporate conventions. The Garden of Events is a 5,000 square meters area within our gardens with some of the most representative trees species in Andalusia to honor our most special events.

This is a piece of the video from the moment of the visit by TV news from RTVE:


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