We meet Soledad Pérez, MICE Sales Supervisor

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento positions as a leading hotel in the MICE sector, and the perfect place to held professional events thanks to its ideal location and facilities. Soledad Pérez, MICE Sales Supervisor, shares her views about new trends in the industry, her daily work, and outstanding topics such as new technologies, an added value increasingly demanded in event management.

  1. What are the new trends in event management?

Nowadays the tendency is to host more creative, engaging, and personalized events. Clients usually want to strengthen their brand image, communication line, or motivate their different teams. Creativity is the main asset to accomplish something original and unique. Likewise, new technologies are already essential part of any event, and this includes the use of social networks, where attendees’ active participation and external communication generate greater brand awareness. Another important goal in 21st century event management is to attain sustainability and energy optimization, in a broad sense.


Are there any remarkable differences regarding event planning and execution between big and small events?

Big events management entails greater anticipation and planning. In the case of global companies with participants coming from all over the world, who will be staying several days, it is necessary to prepare and organize meeting spaces, video presentations, networking and leisure areas, catering services…

Small events managements may include the same features, but they are rather simplified just due to a reduced number of attendees. These events could leave some room for last minute changes or creative solutions.


  1. You are the direct line with event planners. Which is the most important aspect of this specific job?

The Marketing & Sales Department is responsible for guiding and helping events planners towards successful events. Personalized attention is one of our core values ​​but also our flexibility to adapt our services to our clients’ requirements, while offering something new that makes every event different from the rest.


  1. According to your own experience, what are clients’ most demanded events technologies, including audiovisuals and other services?

Internet connection and speed is a crucial factor in events. In this sense, our hotel has accomplished the best improvements in order to satisfy our client’s needs. Sophisticated audiovisual systems, animations, and virtual presentations are the most demanded technologies.


  1. What strengths of Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento will you highlight with respect to event applied technology?

We are specialized in conventions, congresses, meetings, product launches, motor events, and incentives. Our Atrium can host private events as it allows fully closure for more exclusivity. Besides, it ensures optimum room darkening which make it the perfect space for projections and visual effects, plus its special design allows vertical dance shows.


  1. Tell us about the greatest satisfaction after an event.

Transforming a challenge into a reality and meeting our clients’ expectations, both organizers and participants. Our clients are our best ambassadors: a grand finale assures you more events in the future.



Soledad Pérez León

MICE Sales Supervisor

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